Childhood Obesity - What Are We Doing To Our Kids? Part 1

The statistics on obesity in the US, especially in children and adolescents, is truly staggering! The National Institute of Health (NIH) survey results conform this:

"Over two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and over one-third are obese, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003-2006 and 2007-2008."

The most recent statistics for adolescents aged 9-19 are that 1 in 5 are obese.

What are we doing to our children? If your child is 30 pounds overweight when they are 10, where are they going to be at age 30? Either in very poor health, or dead!

Do most people who are obviously overweight want to lose that extra and get back to a healthier level? Absolutely! But are they realistic about how to do it? Absolutely not!

Having been around people like this and having had some experience in the weight loss industry, I've found that these people forget that the condition they are in is one that occurred over time and that reversing it will not be something that happens overnight.

The weight loss market is full of "wonder pills" that promise to help you lose that extra weight instantly. Some are simply diuretics that cause your body to dump fluids, mainly water, which, of course, weighs something. If you are quite heavy, the amount of loss will be significant. But then what?

Excessive fluid loss is not only not sustainable, it is downright dangerous. We can all live without food for pretty long periods of time; but without water, most people will die within a week from dehydration. The whole body shuts down without this essential component.

Other weight loss products, so-called diet pills, are stimulants that get you working in overdrive to burn fat. Works for a while, but the extra stress on your whole system, especially the heart, can lead to more problems than the excess weight. And most of these are not recommended for children anyway.

The one overlooked critical element by people looking for a quick fix is that the reason that they are overweight has to do with an attitude. Eating has become a necessity, not a pleasure, and in America especially, quantity trumps quality. Our food supply is often practically devoid of nutrients because the great bread basket soils in the US have been over-farmed so that the soil no longer contains the nutrients that are essential to our health.

To compensate, farmers, mostly the huge giant mega-farms, fill the soil with chemical, synthetic fertilizers that keep the plant alive, but don't do anything about providing the nutrients that we need. So we eat what looks to be good food, but the most essential ingredient of the food, its nutritional value, is not there.

So our bodies keep asking us for more food because it is still "hungry" for nutrition. We eat more nutrient-poor food, often filled with sugars and the toxins from the herbicides and pesticides sprayed all over the plants, and still can't satisfy our bodies. The cycle continues and we gain weight.

And our children gain weight, but aren't really being fed. Increase body mass affects everything - heart, lungs, digestive track, insulin levels, bones and joints. Worse yet, they are adapting to the situation, at least mentally, which means at some point in time they have fully accepted their condition and lose the desire to change it.

In the next part, we'll explore the critical aspect of weight loss that the pill pushers never talk about: your mind!